Head Office: Amman, Jordan

Where Questscope Works: through the Middle East, including Jordan, Syria and Iraq 

Partnership with ARC: 

From the very beginning, ARC has been about bringing people together to work on the world’s greatest humanitarian challenges. ARC’s vision for the 21st Century is to drive for even greater impact by co-creating with amazing people and organizations to address critical problems. And, certainly, one of the most difficult challenges is the increasing vulnerability of children and young people in the Middle East and the continuing destabilization of the region.

As we searched for people doing meaningful, breakthrough work to solve this problem, all roads led to Questscope. For 25 years, Questscope has been doing ground-breaking, award-winning work with marginalized youth in the Middle East and North Africa.

In April, Questscope officially joined the ARC family. A highly valued partner, Questscope has now become a subsidiary of ARC with autonomy to maintain its identity, leadership and unique capacity to collaborate with individuals, communities, local organizations and international partners to create opportunities for young people.

What Questscope Does
  • Non-formal Education
  • Mentoring
  • Capacity Building
  • Advocacy
Operational 25 Years

Questscope has been doing ground-breaking, award-winning work with marginalized youth in the Middle East and North Africa for the past 25 years.

Questscope works to transform the future of vulnerable youth in the Middle East––by equipping them with the resources and hope they need to become compassionate and productive citizens. They do so primarily by providing informal education services and mentoring support to children.

Non-formal Education: Children or young people who are unable to complete a formal education faces a far different trajectory for their future than a child who’s able to receive their diploma. Questscope works with those young people who’ve fallen out of the formal education system to help them get access to alternative educational opportunities and vocational training. They’ve developed a program young people can complete to receive a 10th grade, 11th grade or even a 12th grade diploma – and that piece of paper is critical in helping them find better jobs and build better futures.

Mentoring: Many times, and for many reasons, vulnerable children don’t have parental figures who are present or involved in their lives. Questscope’s mentoring services make sure that every child has a champion.

Questscope has a truly astounding network of trained mentors, numbered in the thousands across countries such as Syria and Jordan. They provide the one-on-one attention that every child needs to navigate the challenges of life. And in a place like Za’atari Camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, mentoring a young person gives the mentors themselves a new sense of purpose and new hope for the future.


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Children are the key to a future peaceful Syria, but years of war in their country have left many out of school and in exploitative situations. We work to prevent a lost generation by treating kids like kids again. We encourage creativity and social development by using games, songs, storytelling, and sports to boost confidence and provide an outlet for play. Survivors of child labor and school dropouts are mentored by our staff, increasing a sense of belonging and providing positive adult role models. We also prioritize well-being among all shelter residents, realizing that torn communities and shattered social structures can have a tragic effect on everyone. Case management services help survivors of violence get the resources they need, providing guidance and life-saving care for the most urgent of cases.


The importance of hygiene, access to clean water, and sanitation infrastructure in the prevention of infectious diseases is clear. With people in Syria living in overcrowded and ever-growing shelters, the threat of an outbreak is on everyone’s minds.


We work to prevent such an outbreak by providing access to basic services in the shelters. Power shortages and damage to water and sewage pipe systems are the main barriers to a reliable water supply. We help to keep water systems and latrines working: we replace broken taps, vales, pipes, fittings, and repairs leaks, water heaters, and water tanks. We do all we can to ensure that clean, safe water is getting to communities.