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Head Office: Bangkok

Where ARC Works: In refugee camps along the Thai-Burmese border, and in coastal villages between Phuket and Ranong in the south.

People We Serve: More than 200,000 individuals including Burmese refugees and migrants and affected host communities

Thailand lies at the center of one of the world’s fastest growing migratory movements, hosting somewhere near two million migrants, 61,000 of whom are registered as refugees having fled Myanmar, and another estimated 57,000 are unregistered Burmese asylum seekers. Since 1992 ARC has provided healthcare, protection, and water and sanitation services to Karen refugees residing in camps established along the Thai Burmese border. Today, with the government in Yangoon slowly opening to the outside world, ARC continues to provide services while assisting refugees with potential repatriation efforts.

What ARC does in Thailand:
  • Camp and Shelter Management
  • Health Care Training
  • Community Health Education
  • Primary, Reproductive, Maternal and Child Healthcare Services
  • Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response
  • Infectious Disease Prevention
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Micro-Enterprise Development
  Operational Since: 1979

Today, ARC provides health care services, health education, micro-enterprise development programming, water and sanitation services, and environmental health assistance to refugees and migrant workers along the border with Myanmar and to villagers residing along Thailand's suthern coast.

ARC also focuses on building the capacity and skills of constituents, training them to become health care providers as well as community and business leaders so they may apply these skills upon their return to Myanmar or relocation to a third country.

ARC Thailand factsheet


We have reached more than 90,000 refugee camp residents with campaign messages promoting good nutrition, disease and HIV/AIDS prevention, sanitation, and hygiene practices. ARC provided drinking water and toilets to about 33,000 people in the camps, and we provided clinical services such as vaccinations against childhood diseases, care for pregnant women assistance in child delivery. 

ARC works tirelessly  to prevent TB and Malaria outbreaks with the eventual goal of eradicating these deadly diseases throughout Thailand. 


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