Global Refugee Crisis
cutthumb.jpg Conversations on World Refugee Day
In honor of World Refugee Day, over the course of this week we’ll be sharing with you conversations we had with four of our team members who traveled across the globe to speak to refugees who are living in the reality of the Global Refugee Crisis.
cutthumb.jpg Stylists Without Borders
Haus Salon Journeyed to Nu Po Refugee Camp in Thailand to train other hairstylists and empower them in the fight against domestic violence.
makersthumb.jpg 16 Days Of Activism
Every year starting on November 25, communities around the world stand up for women and girls during the 16 Days of Activism campaign.
makersthumb.jpg Building Livelihoods in Somalia
Focused mainly on returnees coming back from Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, the overarching goal of the project is to build a sustainable fishery sector capable of self-growth, export, and significant job creation.
makersthumb.jpg Launching mHealth in South Sudan
ARC's new technology-driven initiative is working to allow health facility staff to use their personal mobile phones to send weekly infectious disease surveillance and response reports through text message to the County Health Department.
makersthumb.jpg Burundi Response
Since April, 100,000 people have fled political turmoil in Burundi. ARC has led the construction on Mahama Refugee Camp in Rwanda where 30,000 Burundi refugees now live.
makersthumb.jpg Ebola Response
In order to stop the spread of the ebola virus, we must fight it in West Africa - and increase the facilities, beds and health workers available to people who have been infected.
chocolatethumb.jpg The Maker's Collection
Share a story of hope this holiday season with your friends, family and loved ones. Shop The Maker's Collection
packthumb HDH for WRD
On June 20, World Refugee Day, Hackwith Design House will launch a limited edition garment to benefit the American Refugee Committee’s work around the world.
IWdthumb International Women's Day 2014
Today I am happy to celebrate the incredible talent, wisdom, bravery and dedication of women around the world who make it possible to help millions of people in the darkest times of their lives. -Daniel Wordsworth, ARC President/CEO
kalmathumb.jpg New Clinic in Kalma
After a lot of hard work with partners and the community, ARC has created a new health care facility in Sector 8 of Kalma Camp in Darfur, Sudan.
muthumb.jpg Q&A: Sudan
We talked with ARC Program Assistant Majra Mucic on her recent return from Sudan.
julian.png 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence
From November 25 to December 10, 2013, organizations around the world stood up for vulnerable women and children during 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. ARC offices around the globe got involved.
miso Postpartum Health
INTERVIEW with ARC Health Technical Advisor Heather Buesseler - "Giving birth shouldn’t be such a dangerous thing for women. In a place like South Sudan, it’s one of the most precarious things in a woman’s life."
igorthumb World Toilet Day
Q&A with ARC's worldwide Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Shelter Technical Advisor - Igor Radonjic
syriah 1 Million Refugee Children
IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The American Refugee Committee and QuestScope working together to help families who lost their homes in world's largest refugee crisis
saidqathumb.jpg Q&A: Somalia
Two years after the famine was declared, we talked with ARC's Somali-American program manager, Said Sheikh-Abdi, about the current situation for young entrepreneurs in Somalia.
somjobsthumb On the Brink of a Breakthrough
"After two decades of civil war, Somalia is on the brink of a breakthrough." ARC and our partners are launching a microenterprise development project to invest in Somali youth. The Goal: 10,000 Somali Youth Self-Employed Within 15 Months.
DruckerAward Recognized for Innovation
The American Refugee Committee has been awarded the 2012 "Peter F. Drucker Award for Innovation" for its I AM A STAR program, engaging the global Somali Diaspora in shaping a humanitarian response in Somalia.
thaifire Fire at Umpiem Mai Camp in Thailand
On February 23, a fire raced through Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp in Thailand - home to 17,000 refugees from neighboring Myanmar. 3,300 people were left homeless within the camp. ARC staff in Thailand has been responding.
Crisis in Somalia
Somalia is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Somali families have fled their drought-stricken villages and made long, perilous journeys to Mogadishu, Kenya and Ethiopia for help. They desperately need support.
Reproductive Health in Darfur
As part of the RAISE Initiative, ARC has constructed an Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Center in Darfur. Read about it in the July issue of the Forced Migration Review.
Stomping Out HIV Stigma
Helping people educate their communities, reduce their risk, and get treatment.
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Building a Playground
Using only recycled materials, we were able to build a playground for the 5,000 kids living at Kiziba refugee camp in Rwanda.
On Famine
Daniel Wordsworth - American Refugee Committee President - talks about the situation in Somalia and how all of us can make a difference and help save lives.
Returning to Somalia
Nimco Ahmed shares her recent trip back Mogadishu her first time back to Somalia in 24 years
South Sudan
Rebuilding Health Care in South Sudan
Deb Ingersoll runs ARC’s Cash for Work Program in Haiti. She’s interviewed at ARC Headquarters.
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Simona Palenga, ARC Field Coordinator in Haiti, is interviewed at ARC HQ.
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Senior Director of Program Quality Monte Achenbach, is interviewed from the field in Haiti.
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ARC volunteer Dr. John Bordwell talks about the health situation of Congolese refugees in Rwanda.
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Somalia: Photos
photographs from Somalia
South Sudan: Photos
images from our efforts in southern Sudan
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